I see eating as one of life’s greatest pleasures and find joy in sharing this experience with my favorite people.


I believe what you eat matters but I believe HOW you eat is much more important.

The Benefits of Family Meals

Dr. Anne Fishel

How Do You Make Family Meals a Success

the 4 “P”s – Dr. Kristin

How to Create Positive Change

 Damon West

Family Meals with the Mom Squad

Mom Squad

Making School Lunch Healthier

Jacqui Caniglia & Scott Quinn

Valentine’s Day with the Mom Squad

Mom Squad

Helping Boys & Girls With Body Image

Charlotte Markey

Is Breastfeeding Best?

Dr. Kristin Saxena

Meditation & Mindfulness For Moms

Anthony Chavez

10 Tips For Family Meals On Vacation

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Introducing Solid Foods

Melanie Potock

Feeding Kids with PDA Autism

Casey Ehrlich, Ph.D.

Spring Cleaning

Kacie Ferrazzo

Family Meals & The Division of Responsibility

Ellyn Satter

5 Reasons to Start Meal Planning

Dr. Kristin Saxena

Musings of a 5th Grade Eater

Dr. Kristin Saxena, Shaan Saxena

Intuitive Eating for Moms & Dads

Michele Yates

Making Meals for the Whole Family

Catherine McCord

Family Snacks With Ashli Brehm

Dr. Kristin Saxena, Ashli Brehm

Mom Guilt

Dr. Kristin Saxena, Becca Sudbeck

The Baby Formula Shortage

Dr. Kristin Saxena

Budget Friendly Family Meals

Dr. Kristin Saxena, Erin Chase

Putting Family Meals First

Dr. Kristin Saxena, Dr. Karrie Heneman

Meal Prep Coaching

Dr. Kristin Saxena, Elia Wolberger

Family Eating In Italy

Dr. Kristin Saxena

Back to School Tips

Dr. Kristin Saxena

Dr. Kristin Wrote a Book

Dr. Kristin Saxena

At Feeding the Family we explore food relationships and feeding from all angles. We talk to experts. We talk to regular people. I answer your questions and ask them of you. At times we do the difficult dives into exploring why we are the way we are.

– Dr. kristin saxena

feeding the family

“Let food be thy medicine.” This is why I started Feeding the Family.

I have done a lot of research and have learned through my own experience as well as counseling parents and friends. I have gained a great deal of expertise but I know I don’t have all the answers. I never will. I believe what you eat matters but I believe HOW you eat is much more important.

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